Salvation is coming

The Salvation, a new western, is coming to the silver screen soon.

it’s been described as an Old school western.  I do agree.  It has everything you would expect from a classic western.  The baddie is very bad.  The goodie is just trying to save, and clear, his name.  As well as the terrorised townsfolk who are just trying to survive.

We’ve been sent over three things from the film.  The first is the trailer below.

The second is the UK poster.
The Salvation UK poster
Finally, we’ve been sent over a nice selection of images from the film. They all sum up the feel of the film nicely.

The 1870s among new settlers and outlaws, Danish immigrant Jon has been waiting for years to bring his wife and son to the United States. When he finally succeeds, moments after their arrival they fall victim to a horrific crime. Out of grief and despair Jon kills the perpetrator. His actions unleash powerful forces. His victim’s brother is the ruthless Colonel Delarue who terrorises the town of Black Creek and will stop at nothing to avenge his brother. Betrayed and ostracised by the community, Jon must transform himself from peaceful settler to fearless warrior to save the town and find peace.

Fighting into UK cinemas April 17, 2015
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