Save The Cinema

UK 12A Certificate
In cinemas
January 14, 2022
1 Hour 49 Minutes
From Sky Cinema
infrequent moderate sex refernces

The sleepy town of Carmarthen in Wales is not exactly the first place to spring to mind when thinking of Hollywood blockbusters. But this changed in 1993 when the town council made the unwelcome announcement that The Lyric Theatre – the town’s much-loved but financially stricken cinema – would be demolished so a shopping centre could be built in its place.

It’s down to Liz Evans, hairdresser and linchpin to the local community, to stand up for the ailing cinema and stop the bulldozers. As she and her friends barricade themselves in the theatre, she reaches out to postman turned town councillor Richard for help - and they come up with a grand plan.

To revitalise the cinema and stop the council taking the heart of the community away, a desperate Liz persuades Richard to write to Hollywood to ask for a helping hand. One late night phone call later and one of Hollywood’s most legendary filmmakers throws The Lyric a monster-sized lifeline and a premiere Carmarthen will never forget. But will this be enough to save The Lyric?

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January 4, 2022

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