Sophos becomes TNMOC Foundation Sponsor

Sophos (LSE:SOPH), a global leader in network and endpoint security, has become a Corporate Foundation Sponsor at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), where the history of computing and security can be seen in action with the world’s largest collection of functioning historical computers. Sophos has committed to sponsor the museum until 2020, and will provide expertise and counsel as well as support the museum’s ongoing development of exhibit space and visitor experience.

The museum at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, conserves the history and development of computing for inspiration, education, learning and enjoyment. Block H of Bletchley Park, now the home of The National Museum of Computing, was built specifically to house the Colossus computers. These computers were instrumental in breaking the Lorenz messages of Hitler’s High Command, thus giving the Allies an unparalleled insight into the German war machine. Those achievements helped shorten and secure victory during the war, saving countless lives.

The National Museum of Computing brings to life the massive evolution of computing that has occurred in living memory,” commented John Shaw, vice president of product management for Enduser Security at Sophos. “The very first computers were developed to break encrypted codes, and we now use encryption every day to secure our digital lives. Just as our ability to connect with people and services has expanded, so has our need to develop the next generation of security required to protect our computers from cyber criminals. Alan Turing, Tommy Flowers and their colleagues could never have imagined the sophisticated tools used to attack computers today and the advanced technology required to secure them. The UK plays a central role in both the history and the future of cybersecurity, which is why we are now proudly supporting the development of TNMOC.

At the core of the museum is a highly successful education programme, aimed at school and college level students where they can learn the basics of computer coding. Sophos will be supporting the museum’s endeavour to continue this work through the renovation of the classroom-training suite. The classroom accommodates the Museum’s flagship educational programme, and the investment will involve upgrading the technology – allowing the students to work with state of the art equipment – along with increasing the capacity of the space.

We are very excited to have Sophos now supporting us as a Foundation Sponsor.” said Andrew Herbert, chair of TNMOC, “Having Sophos on board will help us to continue to provide visitors with the opportunity to see and learn about historic computers and artefacts which were the result of pioneering British ingenuity. We look forward to working with Sophos to further develop the museum and inspire future generations of computer scientists, engineers and inventors.

TNMOC also run a variety of programmes that aim to educate the public on an array of topics including computing, security and engineering. Sophos will be supporting the museums current activities through offering guidance at the girls in coding events, along with utilising in-house industry experts for the monthly guest speaker’s evenings. Simon Reed, vice president of SophosLabs, will begin the speaker series this October where he will be presenting on ‘State of the union on cyber-attacks from the frontline’.