Money, Godzilla and Photoshop

It al started a couple of weeks ago, when a friend changed his profile picture on facebook.

The startThe image was calling out to being played about with using Photoshop. Well, in my case it’s Fireworks as I can’t get my head around Photoshop.

This then started a set of images that grew with intensity and silliness for the next week, or so, until a logical story appeared. Well, logical to me at least!

The start of the story was requested as “I want a big pile of money“. That was the easy one. It required a nice background. Google was my friend & I discovered a nice, huge, image of a pool from a random Grand Hyatt. If anyone knows which one then please let me know.

As I said, it all started with a huge pile of money. After a while making a big pile, I thought that it would also need money raining down from the heavens. That produced the first image in the story…

pool moneyThe next request involved helicopters. That was easily accomplished. However, it needed a slight twist. That twist involved them delivering even more money than before.

pool money by helicopterThings then took a turn for the worst. A great evil then appeared. Godzilla! Maybe he has a sense that sniffs out people with a huge amount of money. Either that, or my friend has soo much money that he can afford to hire Godzilla to come and do a set for him. He must be a hoot at parties but his rider must be enormous!

Godzilla appearsWe now have a security issue. With a giant monster who is known for destroying major cities. That is normally Tokyo but he has been known of destruction of other cities, the army has no choice of sending a number of tanks to look at the threat.
Call in the troops

The tanks do tend to be a little ineffective in monster control. This then means that the larger weapons have to be deployed. The only one that we know of that can control Godzilla is a nuclear blast.

Bad idea to finish

What happens next? Well, the normal thing when a nuclear weapon is set off… Major destruction of property and life.

Fun with photoshop

Who knows what may happen next. Do we see my friend safe in a bunker or just blown to bits when the nuclear wind gets to him? That can be left for another day, or strip if I can be bothered to get around to it. That one may involve a bunker and zombies.