Are you Shaun The Sheep’s biggest fan?

shaun on studiocanal logoIf you think that you are Shaun’s biggest fan, then this is your chance to prove it.

Shaun has launched a national search for his biggest fan. With the help of the Radio Times, he has launched a competition.

Can you prove that you’re Shaun’s biggest fan? If you can prove this then the prize in the competition is amazing. A change to appear in the film as an extra. You will be made into an animated character, which will star as an extra in SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE and then you can take yourself home after filming has finished.

How can you win this prize I hear you ask…

It’s simple, in a way. Make yourself stand out in a flock of other fans. We are on the lookout for the best SHAUN ‘selfies’, fantastic fan art, astounding SHAUN memorabilia collections and photographs of SHAUN on globe-trotting adventures… the possibilities are endless!

You don’t have that long to enter as the competition closes on August 27, 2014. Not only that, the Director of the film, Richard Starzak will be helping judge the competition.

SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE sees SHAUN’s mischief inadvertently lead to the Farmer being taken away from the farm. SHAUN, Bitzer and the Flock have to go to the big city to rescue him setting the stage for an epic and hilarious big screen adventure.

Flocking into UK cinemas from February 6, 2015
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