Julian Assange’s Ego has left the Embassy

From parody to commentary

Wikileaks logoI used to be great believer in the Wikileaks website when it started. However, over the last couple of years and Julian’s ideas of self importance, I have become more and more delusional over the organisation.

When the website was releasing, random, documents like ones from Scientology it was interesting. I haven’t been to the website for, probably, years now.

His supporters who put up the money for his bail, now over two years ago, are probably not as big a fans as they were then. Like the claim that he is being persecuted for the Wikileaks website and his thoughts that he will be then deported to America. He is a fugitive from, both British and Swedish justice. Two legal systems that went through the correct procedures and found that there was enough evidence to issue the warrant that Julian is a fugitive from justice.

To finish – Julian, if you believe that the charges in Sweden are a lie, then go there and defend yourself and not hide from justice in an embassy. I would say it’s the cowards way of doing it but I’m sure that it is more down to your Ego. Not believing that you would be caught…