Transformers: The Last Knight – The trailer

Transformers - The Last KnightFinally, the first trailer has exploded onto the web. Now we can see what will happen in the latest Transformers film.  Well, more than the plug to see it in IMAX

This time Humanity is at war with the Decepticons and Optimus Prime cannot help! Wasn’t that the idea of the first film.

This series do seem to all merge into one. It doesn’t matter which one you see, it can be summed up quite easily as:
Big robots, big explosions, blah blah blah, big fight then at end then humanity, sorry the US of A wins.

Finally we have a synopsis. Well, 8 words repeating what Sir Anthony Hopkins said in the, above, trailer.

It has been 6 months as I thought it would be.  It’s not the full synopsis but it’s better than nothing

Two species at war – one flesh, one metal.

Exploding into UK cinemas Summer 2017
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