Top Ten lists

Fake Movie posterAnother good thing to do is a “top ten” list.  This is normally sent over to me by an agency with a plea to put them up.  This I normally do without a second thought as I know the agency needs to pad out their end of campaign report somehow 😀

The list is normally broken down into the following sections.

First it has to be relevant to the film that the company is pushing at that moment in time.  Be the Top Ten romantic movies for a Horror, sorry, Romance and so on….

Second the film has to have a large piece about it before the list begins.  That must include when the film is coming out on.  What format you can buy the film on.  This is normally DVD and Blu-ray.

Third.  This can be the challenge.  What to put on the list.  This can be done two ways. First, actually sit down and do some research and find a good list. Otherwise, just hit Wikipedia and randomly go through the site for a while.

Forth.  When you get the list together it must contain at least 3 films that you have never heard of and 6 well known blockbuster films. This part must not contain at least one that everyone knows and should be on the list. That’s nine if you’re counting as the Number One slot has to go to the film that is being pushed.

There can be an, optional, evil fifth section.  The “humorous” 11th. This is a way of making the original author look like they are comedians. Well, let me tell you that it just makes you look like a bit of a tit!