Prehistoric critters help The Croods?

Fox, the distributor not the animal, has just released the first true poster for the film The Croods. Unlike the poster for A Good Day to Die Hard there isn’t any flaming satanic heads in it. On the other hands there are a myriad of strange creatures and wonderful costumes.

First things first. Here is the poster in full.

The Croods Poster

There are some interesting things hidden in the poster. I won’t give any away apart from actually showing you what I mean.

First there is a tiger on the left. Could it be a tiger headed bird as all I can see is a head and blue stuff that looks the same as the flying birds – Below is proof that I must be correct. This maybe in the same way that the Mayans predicted the end of the world!

Flying tiger?

Second is what Grannie Crood is wearing. It looks like the smaller dinosaurs are still alive and kicking. Either that or someone has managed to kill an alligator.


Third comes the cool backpack that the baby is wearing


Finally is the rabbit. I think it could either be the Rabbit of Caerbannog or a Were-rabbit.  It seems to have the evil teeth of the rabbit of Caerbannog but the confused look that seems to be on a were-rabbit


Let us here your view on what it is below.