The Intent 2: The Come Up is coming

Following the underground 2016 hit, The Intent, THE INTENT 2: THE COME UP is hitting UK cinemas on Friday 21st September 2018.

Written by and starring both Nicky Slimting Walker and Femi Oyeniran (Kidulthood, Adulthood) who helmed THE INTENT, this gripping crime thriller takes the crew to Jamaica. What will become of the crew thousands of miles away from home? Will they get back to London and the people they trust?

THE INTENT 2: THE COME UP centres on Jay who has big dreams; but his ambitions are crippled by his allegiance to both his crew and Hackney crime boss Beverley. Jay sets about laying the foundations for his own organised crime ring with the help of Mustafa. Things are going well until Beverley discovers his disloyalty, and an ill-fated robbery in North London and a trip to Jamaica tears the crew apart. All the while, their actions are being monitored by an undercover Met Police officer Gunz, who has been deployed to integrate himself into the crew.