The Box Set

This can be the scourge of the film fan. You have already gone out and bought the DVD. Then upgraded to the Blu-ray as you hoped it would be of a better quality. Then comes along the new box set with 500 hours of extras, 40 commentaries tracks that have an input from everyone from the director to the person who made the sandwiches and tea for the cast and crew.

This normally arrives in a large box. Possibly with new artwork:

Lord of the Rings edtended box set Star Wars box set

Then you have the evil version of this. The “premium” version. It’s normally exactly the same as the above products but it comes in an interesting box for three times the price! They do look quite cute but they won’t fit with the rest of your collection. This means that they will end up collecting dust on top of the cabinet. Never watched more than once as you are scared of breaking it.

E.T. Box set

We have a winner with this Harry Potter box set. Not only does it have a stupid name, Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection box set, but it also comes with a ridiculous price tag of £170! It also weighs so much it could put your back out or give you a nasty concussion when you try and get it down from the shelf you put it on

Harry Potter Wizard's Collection box set