Tarantino movie guides

This isn’t going to be what you are used to seeing on this blog. It’s not a rant about a film, how the industry works or suchlike. This one is a normal one. Talking about Tarantino’s new movie, Django Unchained.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but from what I have heard – and read in some reviews – that the film is “Classic Tarantino”. Or in other words “About twenty minutes too long!”. The below is what I was sent as the film opened in the UK yesterday. They are a nice set of infographics with some nice bits of trivia about the relevant film.  They also sent over a nice one about bounty hunting.

Bounty Hunting Through History

The “movie guides” are below. In chronological order with Reservoir Dogs first… You will have to click on them to see all the information.

Tarantino Movie Guide - Reservoir Dogs Tarantino Movie Guide - Pulp Fiction Tarantino Movie Guide - Jackie Brown Tarantino Movie Guide - Kill BillTarantino Movie Guide - Inglourious Basterds