SpongeBob gets a trailer

Yesterday the first trailer for the upcoming, second, SpongeBob movie hit the interweb.

It’s certainly an interesting watch. Possibly not for the reasons it should be. It looks great when you have the live action or the, classically animated sequences.

SpongeBob prepares for warOn the flip side, when you look at when the computer generated characters are in the “real world” it starts to go wrong. They look like things you get with a Happy meal!

SpongeBob and the gang on landThe plot, by looking at the trailer can be boiled down to “Pirate steals the secret Krabby Patty formular and SpongeBob & the gang have to get it back to save Bikini Bottom and the rest of the world

The other thing is why don’t our heroes drown above water. We have seen, in the cartoon, that SpongeBob and others need to wear a “Water Helmet” when they go and visit Sandy in her dome. Was this a problem with the production? Did they not have enough money to do this or couldn’t they care as they knew it was going to be a Cash Cow?

Did you spot the famous musician cameo? It was a bit subtle wasn’t it!

As you could have guessed, I didn’t have high hopes for the film when the teaser poster was released. the trailer just makes my hopes drop even lower from where they were in the first place. I’m sure Nickelodeon will push the movie through the roof. Both on their TV channels as well as adverts on other TV channels. I have a feeling it could be a new Loony Tunes: Back in Action than a new Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It should, even so, do reasonably well at the box office but I’m not expecting stellar reviews

No, official, synopsis exists for the film at this time. This is the one that is on the film’s wikipedia page. It seems to follow what you have seen in the above trailer.

SpongeBob and his friends need to go on a quest to discover a stolen recipe that takes them to our dimension, our world, where they tangle with a pirate who possesses the recipe.

In order to get it, SpongeBob transforms into a superhero named Invincibubble (while Patrick becomes Mr. Superawsomeness, Sandy becomes a real-life squirrel, Mr. Krabs becomes the Iron Man-like Sir Pinch-a-lot, Plankton becomes a yet unknown Hulk-like superhero, and Squidward becomes Sour Note).

Floating into UK cinemas February 2015