Sharknado 3 lands

Sharknado 3

We are now on the 3rd instalment of the Sharknado series.  This time we’re back on form with a bit of a lack-lustre 2nd outing.

It still has the “blink and you’ll miss them” cameos thrown in.  Mostly ending up in pieces in a messy way but even so, it’s good fun!

When Fin and April head to Florida, they are quickly warned of trouble ahead as the Sunshine State is overcome with strong winds and a dangerous tumult of rain. Suddenly, the pair find themselves in the midst of a terrifying and ruthless Sharknado, but it’s just the beginning…

As the sharks tear up the coast and head towards Washington D.C. Fin and April realise time is running out for them to warn the capital, stop the Sharknado for the third time and save the President of the United States from a brutal fate!

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