Friday the 13th

Friday the 13thToday is Friday. Yippie I hear you yell! I would, therefore, kindly remind you what date it is. It’s the 13th!

With the week I have had so far, my plan is to hide under a duvet until it ends. Think Garfield and Mondays but multiply that paranoia by 1,000%

Back to my week. It started out fine. I woke up on time on Monday. By 9am the same day I was in the back of an ambulance wired up and having my heart checked as I was worried that it wasn’t behaving itself. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. It just turned out to be a bad chest infection that is being treated with penicillin and “Schedule 1 drugs“. In other words, cough medicine that can’t be prescribed if you’re in the USA.

That was Monday.  It got a bit better on Tuesday.  Right up to the point where I wrenched my shoulder and ended back in A&E

Critical failure - Bugger!I do think some God is playing tricks with me.  I’m not sure which one it it but I do have a good idea.  It’s you again, isn’t it!  They are playing their game of Houses & Humans  and must have rolled this for me over the last couple of days…

I’m almost back to normal.  The cough that I thought was adding to my heart problems is slowly going with the help of pharmaceuticals.  It should all be gone by the end of the weekend.  With that shifted I’ll be back in the office feeling as good as I normally do.

With all that doom out of the way, I’ll leave you with the below that you should know if you decide to go and visit your Uncle’s cabin in the woods…

Don't Panic and run away on Friday the 13th