Max – A Soldier’s best friend

From American Sniper to Max the dog, Afganistan is making a comeback at the cinema.

This one is totally different to American Sniper apart from the war zone.  This one is more at home in the 80s.  It has the feel of some of the kids film that involved a “boy and his dog” saving the world.  If you’re a certain age you will know the sort I’m on about.

After watching the above, did you manage to catch how many cliches there are in it. I lost count after the first 30 seconds. Working dog who lost his master. Being called, not a dog but a marine. Dog couldn’t work with anyone else so it ends up with his handler’s parent and, luckily, his younger brother. Then something happens to the dog and his old handler’s brother becomes his new “handler”. Then something happens and the two, along with other young teenagers, go out on an adventure to save the day!

The other thing that we’ve been sent is the first poster. I’ve got nothing to say about that…

A military working dog Max returns from service in Afghanistan after his handler’s death. He’s adopted by the man’s family to help the grieving family heal.

Barking into UK cinemas October 9, 2015
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