Logan Lucky is nearly here

With stupid criminals, you need a mastermind. Anyone could do. In this case they try for one of the best to try and pull off one of the greatest robberies in history. This is what Logan Lucky has to contend with.

With Joe Bang on the team, can their luck change and can they pull off this dream?

With the TV spot as well as a nice selection of images to keep you going until it hits the Silver Screen shortly

Jimmy Logan is from a blue-collar family from the hills of West Virginia, whose clan has been famous for its bad luck for nearly 90 years. After being fired from his job, and with his ex-wife threatening to move out of State taking their daughter with her, Jimmy decides he has to do something to get his family’s life back on track. With a little help from his brother Clyde Logan, his sister Mellie and an incarcerated explosive expert, the aptly named Joe Bang, he plans to steal $14 million from the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the busiest race day of the year.

Being lucky in UK cinemas August 25, 2017
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