Late Shift – An interactive cinema experience

Late Shift Joe Sowerbutts with title
Filming has just completed on Late Shift, an independent film with a twist. The film will give the cinema-goer the change to decide how the film runs. It’ll be all up to you to decide who lives and dies. This is the first time that this has been done at the cinema.

The technology is brand new and Late Shift is the first movie to use the CtrlMovie system. It looks like a great idea but it’s not the sort of thing that would work for the Hollywood blockbusters but for thrillers and horror it could be great. Why not cause chaos and try and kill the “hero” as soon as you can!

As I said, this is the first time the technology has been used. Normally you would expect a short film to test it works not jumping in with a 98 minute film! Not only that it has a 28 person crew, 32 actors in the cast as well as 50 extras! Filmed over 42 days in London. Not only that, to get a 98 minute film, it involved shooting 80 hours of footage to be cut down to 412 minutes for the 98 minute running time ( This is because you decide what happens so multiple shots need to be made for each “decision” )

I hope this brave new experiment goes well and more films come out.  I just wish that the technology was available so I can watch it on my non-iOS devices

After being forced to rob a famous London auction house, a hard-working mathematics student has to prove his innocence. How will he decide to act when everything turns against him?

Breaking into cinemas and on an iOS devices late 2015
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