State of the Art Cinema & Lego

State of the Art CinemaThe Film Distributors’ Association (FDA) has brought something new to the table with their State of the Art Cinema exhibition.

The FDA is celebrating its centenary year this year.  It’s a hundred years of organised film releasing was born.

What the FDA have done is commision LEGO to build them a cinema.  What they have done is incredible.  It was constructed by Bright Bricks, the only builders certified in the UK by LEGO®, the model took 150 man hours to make and comprises 25,000 LEGO® bricks.

The LEGO® cinema is a focal point of FDA’s STATE OF THE ART CINEMA exhibition, now in its third year and open daily to the public free of charge.

Film fans will be able to savour a snapshot of contemporary poster design and photography supporting a wide range of British and international films to be released in UK cinemas in the coming months. Visitors will also be able to download a free app to their mobile phones that will offer exclusive video content, bringing the film posters to life.

FDA Chief Executive, Mark Batey, said: “We’re thrilled that the new LEGO® model makes such a brilliant centre-piece of this summer’s exhibition, which celebrates all the fun of the cinema as well as highlighting the vital role of creativity and design in connecting films with audiences.

The exhibition comprises seven sections: Family releases; Coming of Age stories; Action & Adventure; Comedy; Biographies & Documentaries; Thrills & Suspense; and a large section called Britain on Screen containing images from both UK films and international movies that were made in the UK, a global filmmaking hub. Visitors will find one or two iconic classic images among the display too.

STATE OF THE ART CINEMA 2015 is resident at two central London locations from today, Tuesday 21 July – Friday 7 August at The Coningsby Gallery, and Tuesday 11 – Friday 28 August at The Strand Gallery.

The exhibition is taking place at the heart of FDA’s celebrations marking the centenary of UK film distribution. Exactly 100 years ago, feature-length films were emerging as a storytelling medium in their own right, two decades after the original invention of the cinématographe machine. It was in December 1915 that the fledgling yet ambitious enterprises dedicated to supplying and promoting filmed entertainment founded their UK trade association (now FDA).

In celebration of the centenary, this year’s STATE OF THE ART CINEMA exhibition will host a “memories board”, displaying recollections posted on an FDA website,, by members of the public recalling their earliest or most influential cinema visits.