Happy Halloween

Halloween pumpkinAs today is Halloween I thought it would be a good time to talk about what this holiday has done to films.

It is mentioned in a large number of films as well as a good setting for a lot of horror films but it also has been the setting, or films based around, the holiday over the years.

I tend to do the minimal research when writing these posts but sometimes I do have to dig around for the correct article or making sure a fact is actually correct. In this case, I have done some research as this was going to be a list of Halloween based films but I think it is going down a different route.

One more about the genre of Halloween films. Be that the actual Halloween franchise or just films based or set on that holidays. It can be the basis for the whole film, The Crow. It is shown in E.T. with him dressed as an alien yoda-esque costume. The holiday is open to all genres, from classic kids films like It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to the classic horror series that was mentioned earlier. Another “classic” from the early 90s is Spaced Invaders.  A tale of unlucky, and a bit stupid, aliens who decide to invade Earth on Halloween.


They tend to run in a certain set of types:

  • It’s Halloween, so strange and deadly things will happen
  • Halloween is a great night to hide an alien
  • Disguised as a fictional serial killer makes it a lot easier to kill someone

In parting, All I will say is:  Find a good old horror movie, turn out the lights and enjoy.