Coming from Signature

Signature Entertainment has sent over a great list of films that they’re going to be releasing over the next couple of months. They range from surviving the cold of the Arctic to wondering who you are. All are, or will be, available to buy and some are also coming to the silver screen.

Just click on any of the films to find out more and where you can buy a copy.

A Vigilante

A VIGILANTE is a thriller in which a woman seeks to avenge the victims of domestic violence.


ARCTIC is an Icelandic drama in which a man and a badly injured woman fight for survival in a hostile Arctic region.


As the Mongol hordes begin ransacking Russia, the invaders pillage and burn down cities, flooding Russian soil with blood, until a soldier takes up arms to defend his people.

Hitman: Redemption

An aging hitman’s last job goes sideways, forcing him to redeem himself.

Level 16

Girls in a prison-like boarding school embark on a desperate search to uncover the awful truth behind their captivity.

The Quake

Could reports of subterranean tremors beneath the Norwegian city of Oslo predict an imminent catastrophic earthquake?

The Witch

A high school student with amnesia tries to uncover what has happened to her.