Billy McCrae is coming home

Munro Films is excited to confirm that the British thriller, The Ballad of Billy McCrae, will be coming to digital download on 14th March following the film’s big-screen release in 2021.

Directed by Chris Crow the film features stand out performances from leading man David Hayman as well as Sianad Gregory and Ian Virgo.

The Ballad of Billy McCrae follows Chris Blythe as he returns to his home town in Wales after losing a fortune in Canada. He falls in love with Elen, a volatile and charismatic woman. But Elen’s father Billy is a dangerous man and Chris finds himself torn between love and hate…

Critics praised the film during its theatrical release hailing Director Chris Crow, with The Upcoming saying “Crow creates an engaging thriller that flows well, thanks to the great performances of the cast” this was echoed by Movie Review 101 calling the film a “tense thriller that keeps us on edge through the whole film.

Excited about the films upcoming digital release Director Chris Crow said, “The Ballad of Billy McCrae is a film about damage and dysfunction, a film about flawed people, emotionally stunted people, people who can’t see far beyond their own desires, dreams and greed.”