UK 12 Certificate
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June 7, 2021
1 Hour 37 Minutes
From Sparky Pictures
strong language, motorcycle racing crashes, moderate sex references

WAYNE tells the story of the remarkable career of Australian motorcycle champion Wayne Gardner – the “Wollongong Whizzkid” who went from a little kid riding around his hometown on a 5-dollar dirt bike to become the 1987 World Motorcycle Grand Prix Champion and a national icon to rival Skippy, Allan Border and Greg Norman.

As a young rider, Wayne quickly excelled in local motorcycle racing where he caught the attention of a Japanese team boss and engineer of almost mythical status, Mamoru Moriwaki. Wayne accepted Moriwaki’s invitation to race in England and beyond and, against all odds, he won his first race and permanently stamped his name on international motorcycle racing.

But, in the sophisticated world of Grand Prix, Wayne was brash, unpolished and impulsive. He clashed with riders who were more calculated and refined than the larrikin kid from Wollongong and the fish-out-of-water Australian desperately missed his girlfriend Donna Forbes, who had been the cornerstone to his success. When the 17-year-old joined him, amongst all the showboating, exciting racing, professional rivalries and the ever-present danger of serious injury or death, young Wayne was able to keep his head in the right place and quickly climbed the ranks.

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August 1, 2021

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