Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street

UK PG Certificate
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January 31, 2022
1 Hour 47 Minutes
From Universal Pictures UK
mild bad language, rude humour, references to racism

Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street takes audiences inside the hearts and minds of the Sesame Street creators, artists and educators who established one of the most iconic and enduring children's series in television history and celebrates the people who audaciously harnessed the burgeoning power of television to entertain and educate children like never before, with the beloved Sesame Street Muppets, catchy songs and a diverse cast.

Since its first telecast in the United States in September 1969, Sesame Street has evolved into more than 30 international editions, each with its own unique characters and flavour, and has been broadcast in more than 120 countries, making it the most widely viewed children’s television show in the world. The U.S. version has won 97 Emmy Awards -- more than any other show.

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January 23, 2022

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