Mickey and the Bear

UK 15 Certificate
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February 24, 2020
1 Hour 26 Minutes
From Signature Entertainment
strong language, sex references, drug misuse

Mickey and the Bear is a powerful and heartfelt coming-of-age story starring Camila Morrone and James Badge Dale. In Montana, Mickey, whose high school graduation is looming, is feeling the tug-of-war between the freedom she craves and the love she has for her father. Since her mother's untimely death, she has dedicated her life to taking care of Hank, whose leg injury while serving in Iraq has turned him into an alcoholic and full-blown addict, resulting in their relationship getting more and more toxic. In a desperate search for independence and her own identity, she risks family, heartbreak, and her standing in the only place she can call home.

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October 16, 2021

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Mickey and The Bear - UK Trailer - Starring Camila Morrone and James Badge Dale

Courtesy of Signature Entertainment