Lucky Grandma

UK TBC Certificate
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November 6, 2020
1 Hour 40 Minutes
Comedy, Crime
English, Mandarin, Cantonese
From Signature Entertainment

Fast-paced and full of heart, laughs and wicked black humour set in the belly of New York’s Chinatown, Lucky Grandma tells the story of a cardigan clad, chain smoking Chinese grandma who, in an attempt to get some cash, goes all in at a casino but lands herself on the wrong side of luck and the law. Having gambled away more than just chips after stealing money from a dead criminal boss, ‘Grandma’ hires a rival gangland bodyguard to protect her from a band of violent crooks who are hot on her tail and ready to reclaim the loot.

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September 16, 2020

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Lucky Grandma - UK Trailer - 2020

Courtesy of Signature Entertainment