Comic Con newbie

I’m off to cover MCM Manchester Comic Con over the weekend and I have no idea what I’m letting myself in for. As a newbie, will it be filled with the arch-typical D&D fanatics who will bore you to death about plot holes in their latest Anime series? I don’t know.

I know that there will be some great people there. not only that, we get to see what MangaUK will be releasing and what’s new. I’m a bit stuck in my way for anime. It stopped with Ghost in the Shell but who knows, I may find something new to spend all my money on!

What will I expect? Well, it seems that “millions” of people come as Deadpool. Well, that’s what somebody said for last year’s London event. From some of the images that Road Rash Reviews took at Birmingham Comic Con event, I think that isn’t that far off the truth. It’s an easy costume. It helps if you’re skinny and tall but apart from that… There were some really cute “mini-deadpools” at the Birmingham event as well. Defiantly a character for all ages.

Mini Deadpools at MCM Birmingham Comic Con

I’m quite nervous as I will be representing Confusions & Connections and don’t want to make any stupid Comic Con newbie mistakes. Such as remembering to look cosplayers in the eye and not in the chest is I’m sure a good starting place. Things like that have to be a must. Try not to get too star-struck if I get to interview any of the Special Guests.

That’s not the only thing I’m worried about. The other is the weather as the forecast is rain, rain, thunder and more rain. Hopefully that won’t deter the crowds. It’s a short run from the nearest railway station and the Metro stops just outside. Even so, an umbrella is a must.

All I know is that ticket sales for this years event is amazing. All, advance, tickets for Saturday have been sold. There are tickets on the door but be quick as I’m sure that these will go just as quickly.

The thing that I should do is a trawl of cosplay sites to see if I can recognise some of the characters. Then again, it’s always better going in as the idiot and asking stupid questions. That tends to be how this blog works. Write randomly and hope that most of the facts are true…

What should I do? I don’t know as this type of event will be a first for me. I’ve covered events before but when I went to that event I shattered my shoulder after being hit by a car a few days previously 🙁