Shaun The Sheep wins another award

shaun on studiocanal logoToday it was announced by The Radio Times that the nation has spoken. They have chosen their favourite BBC cartoon character of all time.

Shaun The Sheep was chosen as your favourite. Pushing Postman Pat & Sooty & Sweep into second and third places. Showing that sheep can rise to the front and beat anyone that gets in their way.

Richard Starzak, creator of Shaun The Sheep, said “I’m chuffed, flattered and delighted, on behalf of everyone who has worked on Shaun The Sheep for this honour. Many BBC animated characters were a big and important part of my childhood. It’s amazing to think that Shaun will be part of so many people’s happy memories. I’m so grateful to the readers of The Radio Times for voting for Shaun. You’ve made me very happy!

Aardman logoProduced by Aardman, Shaun The Sheep was first seen in Nick Park’s Academy Award winning Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave. Shaun, since then, was also given his own Television series that is loved by children of all ages.

Shaun The Sheep Movie sees Shaun’s mischief inadvertently lead to the farmer being taken away from the farm. Shaun, Bitzer and the flock have to go to the big city to rescue him setting the stage for an epic big screen adventure.

Shaun The Sheep Movie will be bleating into UK cinemas February 6, 2015
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