Reviews on Video

reviews on VHS VideoOur sister site has done quite a few reviews over the years. I met up with them over the weekend and we got talking about the old days of reviewing. The days before things came on small round things.

Looking at the website, it tells me that there are 371 items on the website. There are a couple that are not, strictly, reviews but there isn’t that many of them. I’m just adding these to the pile of review copies.

In those days reviews had to come on archaic items, called Video Cassettes. A large black oblong device that held tape. It was 187mm wide, 103mm deep and 25mm thick.

We then started to think how much space that it would take up if everything was still on video. Apart from feeling sorry for the postman lugging huge boxes around to each reviewer

9.275 meters would be the size of the pile, assuming that each review could fit on a single video cassette.

This isn’t actually the case as they also do a lot of reviews of Anime series from MangaUK. These series tend to come with a lot of episodes. Not only that, they have also done reviews for TV series such as Bomb Girls.

That has now added to the pile quite a bit. Probably if we quadruple the numbers then we’re probably at a nice ballpark figure. It’s probably a lot more but if you read on you will get more and more scared about the size of space that’ll be needed.

That’ll now give us a pile 37.1 meters tall [ 121 feet, 8 1/2 inches if you like Imperial measures ]. If you’re a sportsman, it’s 1.8 cricket wickets…


Now what size is that I hear you ask… Well, Wolfram Alpha will have the answer. A pile 14 stories high.

Now, let’s put these videos in a cube.

This cube would then be 103mm by 37.1 meters by 187mm. 0.71 square meters.

So all in all, quite a large chunk of a room taken up with video