Their Finest Hour and a Half

Their Finest Hour and a Half
Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy

Filming has started on Their Finest Hour and a Half. That’s the first news. The other news is that two new actors have joined the already quite spectacular cast as you can see in the photo above. The new cast members are Jack Huston ( American Hustle and the upcoming remake of Ben Hur ) and Jake Lacy ( The Office US )

THEIR FINEST HOUR AND A HALF, a romantic comedy with a difference set in the early 1940’s. THEIR FINEST HOUR AND A HALF combines the quick-fire repartee of a screwball battle of the sexes infused with the reality of filmmaking under threat of invasion and London in the Blitz. A witty, warm-hearted and moving portrayal of a young woman screenwriter finding her way in matters of life, death and the heart.

Breaking out of the Silver Screen sometime in the future

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