Donald Duck, The Cannibal

There is something strange over at the Duck household. Not only at the Thanksgiving meal but throughout the year.

Is it normal for an uncle feeding his nephews the dead of his kind for a meal?

It only seems to happen with Donald. Who would like to eat mice or dogs? Duck on the other hand…

Cannibal Ducks
It seems that he’s an all-round serial killer. Not only hunting and eating other birds, but also trying to it to his nephews – Huey, Dewey and Louie.

We already know that Donald has some anger issues that he has to deal with. Could this be down to his service as a paratrooper in World War II? Could he be suffering from PTSD? It would explain his mood swings, temper tantrums and nightmares.

Not only that, his friends are also aware of his yearnings for duck. They have invited him round and fed him duck.

Donald Mickey Miney Pluto Thanksgiving CannibalismAs with everything, there are competing theories. Some say it’s fine to eat similar, but different, animals. Others say that he’s an evil person and should be locked up for eating his fellow bird.

We look back at the golden era of cartoons with, in a way, rose-tinted spectacles. We ignored the racism that was rampant because it was funny.  Other things that we ignore is things like this.  Mainly because we don’t notice this sort of thing.

The evidence that Donald is a cannibal are quite high.  The issue with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on the other hand.  That can be left to the experts.

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  • Doanld Duck can eat chicken and turkey, just like we ate the Neanderthals and apes. Actually, we were much closer to the Neandertals than ducks are to chicken and turkey, but, even as the smart creature we are, it still happened that a Sapiens killed and ate a Neandertal. The worst thing is that we were technically not even a differnt species from the Neandertals because we were actually able to mate with them. That Donald Duck eats chicken and turkey, isn’t any weirder than that humans eats kine, sheeps, rabbits or swine.

  • LuckyIcecube

    There seems to be a line between anthropomorphic creatures and animals in this universe. Pluto and Goofy are both dogs, but are noticeably different. The bird they eat must be of the animal type.

  • James Bentley

    Those could be turkeys, rather than ducks. That’s more common for a Christmas dinner, so unless there’s dialogue in the cartoon calling it duck that’s what I’d assume. Eating other birds isn’t really any worse than when a human eats other mammals