Agatha & The Truth of Murder comes to Channel 5

Agatha Christie ( Ruth Bradley ) is in a slump. Her marriage is collapsing. She is suffering from a crisis of consciousness because she is having doubts about her writing. Apart from that, everything is going well.

What can get her out of this slump? One of two things. Either design a golf course, on the advice of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or help solve a real-life murder. With the first idea completed, what is left to do is help solve the murder of Florence Nightingale Shore. A real murder that happened in 1920, and still unsolved to this day. The murder happened six years before the events in this period drama.

With her missing for 11 days, why can’t she solve a murder and then claim she cannot remember what has happened when she was missing?  The story both weaves the real life events of the murder and her disappearance in a fun story of what could have happened in that mysterious part of Agatha’s life.

It is written like you are in a detective novel of the mid 1920s. Can you solve the mystery before Agatha can?

Based on her notorious eleven-day disappearance and an infamous unsolved killing, ‘Agatha Christie and the Murder of Florence Nightingale’ is a classic who-done-it revealing the origin story of the world’s best-selling novelist.

Agatha & The Truth of Murder airs 9pm, 23rd December on Channel 5