What’s in a Logo?

A logo is an important thing for your company. A lot are boring but some have quite subtle hidden meanings in them. Some are well known but others are not as well known. Either that or you have missed them over the years.

Two of the best known are the Fed-Ex logo and, possibly, Amazon’s. Two very subtle additions to make them work for the area that the company is based.

Fed Ex logo

fedex logo
Look at the last two letters. Have you noticed that the kerning is a bit odd. Well, that’s been done on purpose. Why, you may ask. The answer is it makes a white arrow. A nice nod to what the company does. Moving packages from one point to another.


Amazon logo
This can have two meanings. They both refer to the yellow curve at the bottom of the logo. Look where the curve goes between. From A to Z. A nod to what the company tries to have in its website. Everything between A to Z. Also the line can also be interpreted as a smile. What the company hopes you have on your face when you go to the website.

The Official Charts Company.

Their current logo is a wonderful graphic that describes what singles do. They go up as well as down. Not only that, they also have nicely hidden the main aim of all singers. Get their song to the top of the charts. Position 1.

Others have a great, but awful, puns in them. One is next.

Bar Code.

A logo that sums up both aspects of the company name. It’s a jug of beer, designed as a barcode. Two dreadful puns that work together wonderfully.

A third type is a logo that sums up what the company/organization does.

Yoga Australia.

This shows a woman in a yoga position. Or does it? Look at what shape her leg makes. If you can’t figure it out, think what country this is aimed at!

Hope for African Children Initiative.

Look how Africa has been designed. The continent is in white but what is the grey around it? Well, on one side is a child and the other is an older child, or an older sibling? I’ll let you decide.

There are many, many more companies out there with nice hidden meanings. Just do a quick Google search and you should find tons more.