Thoughts on a milestone

Fireworks for a milestoneYesterday saw a milestone in this blog. It was when the 200th post was put live.

I never thought when I started this experiment that it would go on to hit the 200 mark. Not only that, I’ve done it in about 18 months. It works out at about one post every three days. There has been times that I have written hardly any in a month, other times I’ve averaged, almost, one a day.

It has been quite a journey from the first entry. I was talking about how some posters seem familiar, to yesterday when I was calling Sly & Arnie old farts.

I’ve talked about robots,computers, heroes and heroines [mainly just the heroines], the state of my health as well a s lots of random things in-between. Just do a search and see if you can find something interesting to read.

Some of the hardest posts to write were about disasters. Be that Apollo 1 or the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

Following on, other anniversaries have been a lot more fun to write about. Be that about the WorldWideWeb or the 20th anniversary of the death of Bill Hicks. The latter, more fun than it should have been.

On the flip side, the most fun I’ve had is writing about some of my heroes. Mainly the great Grace Hopper. A wonderful, eccentric, lady but the most wonderful teacher and thinker. The person who discovered the “first computer bug”, it was a moth in a relay.

Something that has had a lot of coverage here are films. Mostly they are the big block-busters but with quite a sarcastic & historical slant. After spending many years working with films but not allowing to say anything about it apart form what the distributor has sent to me, this blog give me a chance to vent 15 years of being nice out of my system.

As I have proved, time and again, I have no idea what to write about until I sit down and start typing. The ones about films are a little more planed, but not by much. I get the base material sent & then I can rant around that content.

I hope you enjoyed this little ramble down memory lane and clicked into at least one or two of the links. If not, you can always click on the links at the bottom of any post that will send you on a random adventure of discovery. Who knows what you may learn…