Still waiting for a jet-pack

The thing about being born in the early 70s is what we were told about the future. Normally from Tomorrows World. Things along the lines of “in the 21st century we will all have jet-packs and flying cars“.

What I want to know is: Where is my jet-pack?

This post was inspired by, yet another, XKCD cartoon. This time, talking about the practicalities of using them. One aspect that’s not, normally, mentioned. Jet blast so close to your lower legs.

Rocket or jet-packs have the same problemI can wait a couple of years before we get, safe as well as long lasting jet-pack flights. 30 seconds isn’t long enough as well as you could run out of fuel at several hundred feet. Without the jet blast you just plummet to the ground. That’s when you’re going to be in a world of pain. Probably not for very long as you hit the ground at quite a speed. Probably cursing the fact that you didn’t spend the extra for the parachute option.

We have seen flying cars. They come and go every couple of decades. From the Aerocar of the 60s via the Moller test vehicles that have been tested for the last 30, or so, years. Nothing that the “man on the Clapham Omnibus” could easily use. We need it so anyone can jump in it. Plug in the destination and sit back and let the car take you home. Landing on your driveway without any intervention from you. It would be even better, if you decide to car-jack one then the police could just drive you to the nearest police station and arrest you.

It seems to be around 2019 that we’ll get these. That’s if you believe Blade Runner.

Mattel hover boardNow, back on track. The good news. If you believe Back to the Future 2 we will be getting hover-boards next year, 2015. They will, seemingly built by the same people who gave the world Barbara Millicent Roberts. Better known as Barbie. Mattel. Not that long to wait.

If this happens, I’m not going to be an early adopter. I can think of what problems the first generation boards could have. Flying upside down is the least worrying issue.

So to conclude. Don’t be an early adopter of new technology and make sure that your calves are out of any possible jet-blast.