Losing my beard for charity

Hair today, charity gets money tomorrow.Heartbeat Logo

Back in July I had a problem with my heart. It decided that it needed some time off and gave me a heart attack.

If we now fast forward to sometime last week, the guy who was running the infamous meeting when my problems started suggested that I shave my head for charity.

That plan was immediately vetoed as I don’t have that much left up top to give away. On the other hand, I do have a quite chaotic beard that has been happily growing for a good while…

That was a better plan for me as I do like a beard but I’m not that attached if having most of it removed if helps a local charity to do more good.

The good news is that the beard isn’t going to be totally removed.  Only down to the famous 70s “porn tash” as seen in this Beastie Boys video.

As I mentioned in the opening, I have decided to do this majestic feat in aid of charity.  The one I have selected helps in the rehabilitation of people who have had heart attacks or are suffering from other heart conditions.

I have set a reasonable target of £150.  Big enough so I don’t feel that I have lost my hair in vain and an easily hittable target.  You give me more, It maybe enough for the full removal of it.

please dig into your pocket and give some, to paraphrase Bob Geldof, of your f**king money via the justgiving website. remember to tick the gift aid box (if you can) and help the charity even more.

Photos and, possibly, a video of the shearing will be put up here after the event to show you that I have gone through the agony.  All in the name of charity.