What is The Trouble with Jessica?

Today Parkland Entertainment is thrilled to announce that it will release new black comedy The Trouble with Jessica starring Shirley Henderson, Rufus Sewell, Olivia Williams, Indira Varma and Alan Tudyk in UK and Irish cinemas from 3rd November.

Written and directed by Matt Winn, with co-writer James Handel, produced by Sarah Sulick and co-produced by Jeremy Campbell, The Trouble with Jessica is presented by Parkland Film Capital in association with Finite Films and Relevate Ventures and a Bright Pictures production in association with Yes Repeat No.

SARAH and TOM are a married couple in terrible financial trouble. On the brink of losing everything, they’ve managed to find a buyer for their stylish London home. When their best friends RICHARD and BETH come round for a final dinner, an uninvited old friend, JESSICA, tags along.

After a seemingly trivial argument, Jessica hangs herself in the garden. Tom goes to call the police when Sarah realizes if the buyer finds out, the sale will collapse, meaning definite financial ruin for their family. The only solution – to convince Richard and Beth to take Jessica’s body to her flat and make it look like she killed herself there. If they’re clever enough about it, what could possibly go wrong?

Director, Co-writer & Composer Matt Winn said: “The Trouble with Jessica is the film I’ve always wanted to make – a black comedy satirising the British middle classes, examining their hopes, dreams, duplicities and hypocrises. It’s a state of the nation piece about Britain now that asks a simple question: who are we and what are our values? Working with this ensemble cast – comprised of some of the country’s best actors – was a director’s dream and I’m thrilled that our film will be hitting the big screen this autumn.