The Last Witch Hunter has a trailer

IF you like a good story about Witches then it seems that The Last Witch Hunter is for you. A modern take on the classic Hammer genre of Horror. Not only that, the outstanding cast as well as a clichéd Halloween release window both sorted out and success is hoped for.

The other thing that we have been sent is a nice set of character posters for the film. Just showing the main cast members

The Last Witch Hunter - Elijah Wood The Last Witch Hunter - Michael Caine The Last Witch Hunter - Rose Leslie The Last Witch Hunter - Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is Kaulder, THE LAST WITCHHUNTER – the only one of his kind remaining and the only thing standing between humanity and its destruction at the hands of the evil witches that secretly live in our midst.

Fighting into UK cinemas Wednesday October 21, 2015.
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