How to Talk to Girls at Parties has a new poster

It’s been a long time since we had the last bit of information for this film. This has now changed.

The new poster shows our two lovers together. It also shows what, seems to be, the tagline for the film “The Girl who fell to Earth”

How to Talk to Girls at Parties poster

Enn is a shy suburban London teenager in 1977, sneaking out with his best friends to after-hours punk parties. One night they stumble upon a bizarre gathering of teenagers who seem like they are from another planet. In fact, they are from another planet, visiting Earth to complete a mysterious rite of passage. That doesn’t stop Enn from falling madly in love with Zan, a beautiful and rebellious alien teenager who, despite her allegiance to her strange colony, is fascinated by Enn. Together they embark on a delirious adventure through the kinetic punk rock world of 1970s London, inadvertently setting off a series of events that will lead to the ultimate showdown of punks vs. aliens and test the limits of how far each of them will go for true love.