Parker and the attack of the clone brush

Another day, another poster hits my in-box. This time it’s for Jason Statham’s next romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez. Sorry, I’ll write that again: It’s time for Jason Statham’s next thriller. This time it’s with Jennifer Lopez.

The poster, at first look isn’t the best in the world.  A standard one of putting the lead actors from the film on one site of the poster and the name, normally centred vertically, on the other.  Something caught my eye and that was Jennifer’s face.

Parker poster

As mentioned, what caught my eye was how smooth looking her face was.  Compared to Jason’s craggy face it was quite a difference.  They are meant to be together in an embrace but with the advance of being sent a huge version it was easy to cut out the faces for ease of comparison.

You tell me that Jennifer’s face hasn’t had a little too much photoshop on it.  Either that or they have managed to get a make-up artist who can apply the stuff so well it looks like the face has had an attack of the computer re-touchery.  You can probably work out where my money will be.

statham lopez