Optimus Prime & Calculon seperated at birth

Has Optimus prime been channelling Calculon from 968 years in the future? That is the question that everyone needs answering.

From the new set of images that saw Optimus and Bumblebee ready for action, the third saw Optimus in a very recognisable pose from fans of Futurama.

The below image shows exactly what I mean. It’s like they are the same actor.
Optimus Prime and Calculon seperated at birth
It would be quite apt as Calculon is a two-bit actor with an affliction that makes him think he’s the best actor in the world. He isn’t. He sucks at acting. He makes Shatner’s “singing” worthy of all music prizes every made, or will be made!

You could turn this into an analogy to Michael Bay’s career. He does explosions & car crashes amazingly. On the down side, there isn’t much of a good acting between the explosions. It may just be down to who he gets to star in the film. He is producing the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but that, with that’s been released, is going to be great.

I have even done some field testing. A small number of people were shown the image and asked “Isn’t Optimus Prime doing a ‘calculon’ ?”.

The results were 100% Yes.

Mostly with a laugh and “oh so it is” to “I’ve got to watch Futurama again“.

That gives me the proof to start calling him Calculon Prime. It may even be Calculon in an early disguise until we will be meeting him 968 years in the future. We know he is a lot older than his biography claims but to being hit by a werecar in the 20th century. He just updates his software and case once in a while. It’s just a shame he hasn’t updated his acting module – see above for more.

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