Not your everyday Valentine’s Day film

Not your everyday Valentine's Day cardA couple of days ago I got a request to put an anti-Valentine’s Day piece up on my regular blog. I, of course, jumped at the chance!

Now, I’m not a great fan of February 14 as it’s just a good way of companies to cash in on your insecurities with your partner. I have been sending anti-Valentine text messages to friends for many years.

With that our of the way, I give you a selection of anti-valentine films that come immediately to mind. This may make me sound like a bit of a hypocrite after talking about my hatred of top ten lists. I will put two reasons before the court. These being; it’s not got 10 items and they are in no particular order.

Single White Female

Starting off with a classic from 1992. A simple tale of a woman needing a new housemate and decides on the wrong one.

Prizzi’s Honor

A simple tale of two people (Jack Nicholson and Kathleen Turner) who meet and fall in love. The only problem is they share the same line of work. Being a hit man (or hit woman in one case). To complicate matters their latest job is to kill the other one.

War Of The Roses

Oliver & Barbara Rose’s marriage is having difficulties. Barbara wants to see the back of her husband and will do anything to get that wish. Oliver, on the other hand, also wants to get rid of his other half. There is a problem, he wants to keep the house!

Fatal Attraction

The only film on this list that has given a new phase to the English language. Bunny Boiler. According the the Oxford English Dictionary the term means “a jealous or obsessive woman whose behaviour in pursuit of a former or intended partner is considered desperate or dangerous.

Death Becomes Her

A simple film of a love triangle, a potion that will make you immortal and the consequences from falling down the stairs – sort of.

Love and dying flowersIf you don’t agree with me, do agree or just want to have a rant about what I have said in this post then you can add something in the comments below.

With all that out of our system I will leave you with this image & let you ponder over what it means to give things on this over commercialised show of love day, every February 14.