The Nice Guys have a poster

With a great cast, the Nice Guys hav arrived with its first teaser poster. What does it show? Apart from our two “heroes” not much. There are some things that could be called hidden on the poster. What is on his cast? What is written on his hand? What do they mean? You can answer the first two quite easily. Just click on the image and see it bigger!
THE NICE GUYS Teaser Poster

The thing that jump out at me for the poster is what they are wearing.  Russell’s costume deosnt feel 70s.  On the ohter hand, Ryan’s is perfectly of the decade

In 1970s Los Angeles a down on his luck private eye Holland March and world weary muscle-for-hire Jackson Healy have nothing in common until they’re plunged into a life-or-death mystery when the missing persons case they’re both following makes them the target of trained killers.

Sneaking into UK Cinemas on June 3, 2016
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