The new Terminator film gets a title

The Twitter-sphere, and the rest of the Interweb has exploded as the title of the new Terminator film has just been announced.

It started with a tweet from Arnie, then an instagram image showing his chair & the film’s name on the back.

Arnie releases the name of the new terminator filmThe name selected is TERMINATOR GENISYS.

Lots of rumours are going around at what this actually means. Some are thinking that it could be something like “Genetic Systems”. Others think it’s just a crummy play on GENESIS

I think the SYS bit could be “SkYnet Systems”. As SKYNET is what started the war between humans and machines. That could be a blind so to bring a new evil to the waning franchise.

If we add GENItic to the above, then something scary could happen. SKYNET trying to generic engineer real humans to be Terminators so they will pass through any checks. Think something like The Manchurian Candidate but designed, not brainwashed. The perfect killer!

GENetIc SkYnet System[s]? Well, we know that Arnie is back again in this one. If it is to do with Genetic engineering,then why can’t Arnie be the prototype or the person the Terminator was based on? Think Data or Lore from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It seems that most of the people over on Twitter are either confused about or hate the title. A title doesn’t mean anything. It must be something important to do with the film’s plot but without that we are all flailing around making uninformed guesses.

Everything above is just based on the title. All unresearched and guesswork. Who knows, I maybe right. More likely I’ll be totally wrong when the marketing kicks in.

Hitting Cinemas July 1, 2015