The Good Dinosaur raises his head.

With over a year to go before the film hits the silver screen, Disney/Pixar has released a concept art image from The Good Dinosaur.

The Good Dinosaur Concept ArtAs with a lot of films with dinosaur, we have to ignore the fact that humans cane along tens of millions of years after these great lizards became extinct. When we watch films we don’t care about this inaccuracy as long as the film is good fun.

All the synopsis says is what you can see in the image. Could it be “Finding Nemo with dinosaurs” or a Pixar attempt of an “Ice Age” type film? That’s what I get from the synopsis.

It’ll be uplifting with enough gags to keep children of all ages amused. With that, it does seem that the film has had quite a chequered history. Problems with the “third act”, change of director and, what is seems like, a major re-write has delayed the film by about 18 months [ the film was originally due for release in mid 2014 ]

“The Good Dinosaur” tells the story of Arlo, a lively Apatosaurus with a big heart who sets out on a remarkable journey, gaining an unlikely companion along the way — a human boy.

Journeying into UK cinemas on December 4, 2015.