Get behind The Unbeatables

The unbeatables logoWe’ve just been sent over another great piece for the upcoming film, The Unbeatables.

It was described as an “extended promo” when sent over. I would call it more of a pop-video as it’s about 4 minutes long.

We, mostly, see the footballers play and some of the silly 3D effects that will appear in the film. Just look out for the flying false teeth… Yes, it seems to be that creative with 3D. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to take away from the rest of the slapstick that is happening around them.

We see both the goodies and baddies. It does, mostly, cover the football players. Both real and the table football ones. I’ll be cheering the table football heroes personally.

The humour does seem very schoolboy. Balls in somewhere tender for one, the false teeth as mentioned above as well as helping a goal to be scored. It works well and does make you laugh in places.

It does seem to be a film for football fans of all ages. You may even get a couple of non-fans in as well. It’s just seems to be a nice sweet tale with just enough slapstick violence to make it fun.

A poignant story about love, pride, friendship and passion, The Unbeatables follows the adventures of Amadeo, a shy but talented young man and his Table Football team, who magically come to life as they try to reunite after being dismantled and torn from their home. However, they soon find themselves up against their biggest obstacle – deifying the most famous football player in the World, Flash.

Sliding into UK cinemas August 15, 2014