Could you Adopt Audrey?

Central City Media has confirmed that their latest drama, Adopting Audrey will be released across digital platforms from 13th March and will be screening at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival.

Directed by Michael Cahill (King Of California), the film stars Jena Malone (Donnie Darko, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Robert Hunger-Bühler (Money.Murder.Zurich., The Saboteurs) & Emily Kuroda (Gilmore Girls, The Good Doctor).

Fired from her seventh job in two years and estranged from her family, Audrey (Jena Malone) dwells in a distinctly modern solitude, relying on Youtube for companionship. One night, a video rabbit hole leads her to the world of adult adoption, and she is inspired to try it herself.

Audrey finds an adoptive family whose dysfunction mirrors her own and forms an unlikely bond with the misanthropic patriarch, Otto (Robert Hunger-Bühler), who is rough around the edges and has a few strained relationships of his own.

Adopting Audrey is an offbeat tale of a woman’s longing to belong and features stand-out performances from Jena Malone and Robert Hunger-Bühler as two people finding common ground in their idiosyncrasies. Based on a true story, Adopting Audrey is a funny and heartwarming film which serves as a reminder that sometimes the best kind of family is the one we choose.