Brace talks homophobia in London

Brace still
Sometimes I get emails from PR companies out of the blue. This one about Brace is one of them. I love the fact that this happens. It proves that I’m doing something right!

The film itself is about homophobia, hate crime and love. With the momentous news from America about making marriage available for everyone who would like to get married.

It is nicely shot, well that’s what I get from the trailer. Depressing in part, uplifting on others.

Set against a backdrop of troubled young love on the gritty streets of London, Brace tackles issues of homophobic hate crime and gang violence against LGBT youth. Shot in some of London’s best gay bars and clubs, including the infamous Manbar and Heaven, Brace is a visually stunning glimpse into London’s queer nightlife, and the perils that lurk behind the bright lights…

Available to watch via VOD from today
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