24 Hours, 24 Women, 24 Stories

H24 is a new series of 24 daring short films from 24 internationally acclaimed writers featuring 24 exceptional actresses, including Diane Kruger and Camille Cottin,

The entire collection of shorts will be available to stream now – online at ARTE.tv (or via the Smart TV app).

Based on an original idea by documentary filmmakers Nathalie Masduraud and Valérie Urrea, each story is based on personal testimonies which highlight emblematic moments in women’s lives, illustrating the misogyny, micro-aggressions and endemic violence that women experience on a daily basis.

A diversity of voices and talents explore themes of empowerment, feminicide, revenge porn, sexist dress codes, gaslighting, sexual assault and more. H24 sheds light on the various forms of abuse that women can suffer at any time of the day or night and celebrates acts of resistance, insubordination and heroism. Poetic and tragic, H24 is a call to sisterhood, free speech, rebellion and freedom.

Available to stream from 23rd October 2021 on ARTE.tv, via the ARTE mobile app and the Smart TV app.


00H SHE IS BEAUTIFUL – starring Grace Seri
Written by Christiane Taubira, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

She is 8 months pregnant. Neighbours have reported the domestic violence she is suffering to the police. Will she file a complaint?

01H UNDER CONTROL starring Galatea Bellugi
Written by Niviaq Korneliussen, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

She has caught her boss filming her in the locker room. Now she fears that he will publish the video on social networks.

02H GHOST – starring Marco and Romane Bohringer
Written by Monica Sabolo, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

A young migrant woman thinks back to the two female judges who said she was too masculine to have been raped. Too ugly to be credible.

03H DAMAGE! – starring Susana Abaitua
Written by Rosa Montero directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

When she comes to give birth to her first child, she recognizes the gynecologist as the doctor recently convicted of serious obstetric violence.

04H EMPRISE – starring Luana Bajrami
Written by Chloe Delaumé, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

In a few months, the man she fell madly in love with, convinced her that she deserved to be insulted, denigrated and denied. She believed him. To the very end.

05H FIFTEEN YEARS – starring Aloϊse Sauvage
Written by Aloϊse Sauvage, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

She is 15 years old and has just been arrested for stealing from a neighbour. Suddenly she lies on the floor of the police station with a terrible stomach-ache. What is happening to her?

06H THIS IS MY BODY – starring Agnieszka Zulewska
Written by Grazyna Plebanek, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

While waiting for the bus, she is attacked by a man who tries to caress her breasts. The man discovers too late that she is a talented boxer.

07H SIGNS – starring Diane Kruger
Written by Angela Lehner, directed by Nora Fingscheidt

She has been working all night and falls asleep on the first bus in the morning. Her neighbour taps her on the shoulder to wake her up. On his mobile phone he has written: “Can I lick your pussy?

08H 10 CM ABOVE THE FLOOR – starring Souheila Yacoub
Written by Alice Zeniter, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

When she accepts a job as a receptionist, she doesn’t know that she will have to wear 10 cm high heels. For her, there is no question of accepting the diktats of this male-dominated world on her body!

09H REVENGE PORN – starring Elina Löwensohn
Written by Sofi Oksanen, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

Her 16-year-old daughter committed suicide because an intimate video of her was circulating on social networks. Between anger and despair, this inconsolable mother organizes her revenge.

10H CONCERTO #4 – starring Céleste Brunnquell
Written by Siri Hustvedt, directed by Clémence Poésy

A young musician thinks back to the drink she agreed to have with her teacher one night. To his insistence on taking her to his house, to her polite and embarrassed refusals.

11H EVICTION NOTICE – starring Marilyne Canto
Written by Lydie Salvayre, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

She opens her mail and discovers an eviction notice for nightly disturbances. Her neighbours have complained because she was shouting too loudly when her partner hit her.

12H THE DEFENDED SHOUT – starring Déborah Lukumuena
Written by Jo Gűstin, directed by Charlotte Abramow

In the car park of the fast-food restaurant where she works, she sees a man violently hitting his wife. She steps in and stands up to the man. With glee.

13H MY HARRY – starring Charlotte De Bruyne
Written by Lize Spit, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

Tired of being constantly approached in the street, she proposes to the man who is following her that day to take a selfie. He accepts and smiles at the camera. She has her revenge!

14H I WILL BE A QUEEN – starring Anaϊs Demoustier
Written by Lola Lafon, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

She reached the top of figure skating. This former champion remembers the first course she took with this coach. She was eleven years old.

15H GLOSS – starring Tallulah Burns
Written by Kerry Hudson, directed by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

She comes home from school upset. She has just been called a “whore” by her classmates. Hurt, she seeks support from her mother.

16H TERMINAL F – starring Annabelle Lengronne
Written by Fabienne Kanor, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

Intercepted by the border police, she loses her skirt when the police try to restrain her. In front of the passengers of the airport terminal, what is left of her dignity?

17H PLS – starring Noémie Merlant
Written by Myriam Leroy, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

Harassed violently on social networks by former colleagues – friends, she thought – she snapped

18H I BURN – starring Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
Written by Ersi Sotiropoulos, directed by Ariane Labed

She is dying, victim of her husband. She remembers him, his fits of jealousy, his fits of rage. All his complaints dismissed. And now the fire.

19H THE CHINCH – starring Kayje Kagame
Written by Agnès Desarthe, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

In the middle of a debate with her law professor, he says to her: “Go on, but you should know that tied-up hair suits you!

20H TOUCH LINE – starring Garance Marillier
Written by Anne Pauly, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

As they arrive at the stadium for training, the players of this football team are insulted by the coach of a group of teenagers. “Come on guys, let’s hear it for the lesbians.”

21H THE DETAILS – starring Sveva Alviti
Written by Nadia Busato, directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

She goes back to work after leaving court: the man who drugged her with GHB and then raped her has just been acquitted by the courts. For lack of evidence.

22H FAN ZONE – starring Florence Loiret Caille
Written by Blandine Rinkel, directed by Elsa Amiel

She celebrates the World Cup final and goes to the fan zone with her daughter. In the crowd, she suddenly feels something between her legs.

23H RED NIGHT – starring Camille Cottin
Written by Kaouther Adimi, directed by Émilie Brisavoine

She is on her way home when she hears sexual noises behind her back. Tired, she decides to react and answers her attacker.

Bonus episode

THE 25TH HOUR – NINA – starring Nadège Beausson-Diagne
Directed by Sandrine Bonnaire

She no longer knows how to escape the grip of this man who blows hot and cold on her and has gradually managed to break her self-confidence.