The Maid

UK 18 Certificate
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October 11, 2021
1 Hour 43 Minutes
From Sparky Pictures
strong bloody violence

This supernatural revenge thriller tells the story of Joy, a young woman from the country, who travels to the city to work as a housemaid at the fabulously wealthy house of Uma and Nirach. Joy is the replacement for their previous maid who suddenly ‘resigned’ in mysterious circumstances. Her duties include the care of their young daughter Nid who suffers with frightening hallucinations that are attributed to a rare hereditary brain condition.

Mrs. Wan, the head housemaid, tells Joy that there are two unbreakable household rules – never pry into the master’s business and never enter the mistress’s bedroom. Joy experiences odd occurrences as she wanders the eerie house and is confronted by the apparition of another maid, a ghostly presence that only she and Nid can see. Ignoring Wan's warning she sneaks into Uma's study at night and finds a photo of Uma, Nirach, and housemaid Ploy – Joy’s sister who disappeared years ago.

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September 1, 2021

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